Saturday, July 22, 2017

mermaids don't lose sleep

I love colouring mermaids...they have so many wonderful details to colour. Don't you think so too?

I always start with using the E50 first, a yellowish skin tone. After the E50 I used the BV00. I don't worry about blending the colours at this stage of the colouring. So it may look a bit rough at the moment. 

To get a warmer skin tone, I add a layer of E00.

And now it's time to blend all the colours together. Use the E000 and E0000 to get a smooth blend. 

I printed this lovely image by Hannah Lynn in grey tones. I used a Copic Multiliner 1.0 to make the eyelashes and eyebrows black. The eyes pop out more this way. 
The eyes are purple too, I used V28, 25 and 22.

Time to start colouring the hair. Hannah Lynn's images always have a wavy hairstyle, with a lot of hair to colour. I used the V28 first. Use this deep purple colour on the darkest parts of the mermaid's hair. Than add the V25 and the V22. 

After I finished the hair, I thought it looked a bit dull. To get it more sparkly I used some V12 and V15 too. 

For her lips, use the V12 and V15 again. 
For her top use the B29 and B28. 

The little turtle is coloured with BG34, BG49, YG03 and YG67.
Use the same colours for the leaves.

For the mermaid's tail use B21, B24, B26, B28 and B29. And for the green parts, use the BG34 and BG49. 

After all the colouring work with the Copics was finished, I decided to add some coloured pencils, to get some more details. I used the new Derwent Procolours. 

I glued the mermaid on a art journal background. The quote was found on the Internet.

See you next time,

Thursday, July 20, 2017

No line Copic scene

Hello everyone! It's Delphine here today to share a no line Copic scene. I really like the look of no line colouring, it takes more time to colour for me, but I think you can get very nice results. 

For my scene, I used a lovely fairy by Tiddly Inks called Flower Fairy For You and I combined it to two Make it Crafty backgrounds - Tulip Garden and Shrubs. 
To get the no line "look" with a digi, I recolour the image in Microsoft Word - the idea is to play with light and contrast and change them until you get the look you want, but you can also use one of the preset recolour options so that one click on the chosen option will recolour your image immediately.

I coloured the sky first with my BG000 marker and created a cloud with BV20, C0 and C1. I then coloured the skin of my fairy using E000, 00, 04, 11 and R20 for the mouth. You can't see the eyes very well at this point, but we will use a pencil at the end to make them more visible. 

I then coloured the rest of the skin and started doing the wings to help define where my background would stop. The wings are BG000, V000 and Y000.

The difficulty with no line colouring is that you need a very good eyesight when it comes to details ;)! BUT the nice thing you can do is cover some of the details of your image because it won't show and no one will know :) So as you can see, I kept the flowers and a few leaves, but completely covered the stems (I'll add some later). I used YG01, 03, 17, 67 for the grass.

Next I focussed on the trees in the distance which I coloured in the same colours as my grass, only adding G28 for a bit of depth. The trunks are E34, 39, 59 - and I added a shadow under the trees with YG17.
For the foreground, I picked E40, 41, 42, 43 - and you can see some blanks on the sides, that's because I'm colouring on a big piece of paper and I have not die cut my image yet.

Next I coloured the last details of the background: the flowers in R35, 37, 39, T5, the leaves in G28 and YG03, the hoops in Y11 and Y26 and a few rocks in C3, 5, 7. I also added the stems using G28 plus a few blades of grass in the hoops. The background being done, I focussed on the outfit. The pinks I used are RV17, 19, 55 and 63 - a combination I learnt from Make it Crafty Zoe. 

For the flowers in the fairy's hands, I chose the same colours as for the background flowers - T5, R35, 37, 39 - and used G28 and YG17 for the stems and leaves. To the dog next, with C0, 1, 3, 5.

And hair for the end! The markers I used are E25, 30, 34, 59. As a finishing touch, I went back over my fairy's eyes and both characters' antennas with a black and a brown Polychromos, added just a line of shadow under the hair with my Nougat Polychromo and a bit of pink to the cheeks.

Recap of all the markers used:
Sky: BG000, BV20, C0, 1
Green: YG01, 03, 17, 67 + G28
Tree trunks: E34, 39, 59
Flowers: T5, R35, 37, 39
Ground: E40, 41, 42, 43
Rocks: C3, 5, 7
Hoops: Y11, 26
Skin: E000, 00, 04, 11, R20
Hair: E25, 30, 34, 59
Outfit: RV17, 19, 55, 63
Wings: BG000, V000, Y000
Dog: C0, 1, 3, 5

I die cut my image with a Lawn Fawn stitched rectangle and added a sentiment from one of my Tiddly Inks clear stamps sets... and voilà! 

Thank you very much for your visit, have a great day! Hugs,
Delphine xx

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Taking a break on an adventure!

Hi everyone,

It’s Sandra from Portugal. I hope you are having a great summer!

This month’s card can be used for several different occasions: birthday, travelling, inspirational quotes, it all depends on the inscription one writes inside the card. 😊

I used a Paper Shelter digi stamp called “Where're We Goin'?”.

I started by choosing the card papers and probable layout, because that would help me picking which markers to use. I have a beautiful paper pad from Bo Bunny – Felicity Collection, and I decided I would go with one of it's papers.  

I die cut a frame with one of the papers and picked some markers to match the collection’s colours:

I started by colouring the suitcase, using E55/57/59 for leather, Y00/11/15 and YR23 for the metal parts, and E44/47 for the straps.

I chose BG72/75/78 for the shorts:

And coloured the coat in salmon, layering R11 and then mapping the shadows with R20.

I coloured over the mapped shadows with R22.

And blended from R21 to R20. This is what the finished coat looks like:

I used E40/41 for the shirt and E000/00/11/21 for the skin. I coloured the eyes with YG11, and the nails and lips with R32/35. 

To colour the sandals I used E40/41 for the bottoms, BG72/75 and Y11/15 and YR23 for the straps, and R20 for the flower. The green eyes were "screaming" for a red hair, which I coloured with YR23/27 and E59.

To finish I coloured the hat with E40/41/42 and BG72/75. This is the finished image framed:

And the assembled card using one of the papers from my favourite paper pad:

Now all the markers listed:

Hair: YR23/27 and E59
Skin: E000/00/11/21 and E93 for cheeks
Nails and Lipstick: R32/35
Eyes: YG11
Hat: E40/41/42 and BG72/75
Coat: R11/20/21/22
Shorts: BG72/75/78
Shirt: E40/41
Sandals: E40/41, Y11/15 and YR23, BG72/75 and R20
Suitcase: E55/57/59, E44/47 and Y11/15 and YR23

I hope you like it!

Have a wonderful summer, full of adventures!



Wednesday, July 12, 2017

My Best Pals

Hi Everyone, it's Saskia here.

A lot of people forget how important friends are. Sometimes they are even more important than family.  
 Fortunately, I can say that I have a few lovely girlfriends who are always ready for me. It does not matter what stupidity I take out, they are always there for me.

I made the background with Copic refills, Yupo paper and Copic Activator.

The image is a digital stamp "Best Pals"  from Mo Manning.

 Step 1: First put with BV01thin stripes in her hair.
Step 2: Put with BV02 more thin stripes in her hair.
 Step 2: Put with BV04 more thin stripes in her hair.
But make sure you do not mix all the other colours.
 Do not try to put the lines together but next to each other. 
  Step 4: Finally, draw a few thin lines with BV08,
but make sure you put only a few lines, otherwise this colour will dominate.
I used the following Copic Markers to colour this print.
 Girl on the left:
Skin: E11-13-15
Eyes: YG07
Hair: C5-7-9, RV13-14-19 and Molotow Neon Pink
Hoody: B21-23-24-26
Pants: RV13-14-19
Sneakers: B21-23-24 and glitter pen

Girl in the middle:
Skin: E0000-000-00-11- R20
Eyes: B24
Hair: BV01-02-04-08
Sweater and legging: YG01-05-07-17
Skirt and socks: C1-3-5-7-9 and Glitter pen
Sneakers: : C1-3-5 and YG07
Skirt: B91-93-95-97-99 
Girl on the right:
Skin: E000-00-11-21-R22-BV00
Hair: B24-26-28 and C5-7-9-110
Sweater: R24-27-29-39-C7-glitter pen
Skirt: B91-93-95-97-99
Boots: C5-7-9-110 and Molotow White

Background: RV09-V17-B28
I hope you have read this post with pleasure.

Until next time!

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Mermaid Madness

Good Morning everyone...
It's Sue here today to show you a few ideas for creating a mermaid card.

Sandie did a beautiful tutorial on Wednesday which showed how to colour an underwater scene with Copic Markers.

Today I am going to show you how to use a Copic Airbrush System to create the sea, and how to use Copic Refills, mirror card and die cuts to create bubbles.

I enjoyed this so much and I hope you do too!

Here are the ingredients I used to make my card.  The Copics for the sea are Copic Markers BG13, B24, RV17, B29 and the Copic Refills for the bubbles are BV08, YG95, Y17 and Colourless Blender.

First, I dropped a few spots of Copic Refills BV08, YG95, Y17 and Colourless Blender close together on a glass mat. 

Then I pressed a piece of silver Mirrored card onto the ink - you need to work swiftly here as the Refills dry quite quickly, also, don't move the card around, just press it onto the inks and lift it off.

The effect of the refills on the mirror card will look something like this.  (I love this so much I am already thinking that this effect will look great for snow and snowflakes)!

Using Memory Box Small Ringlets and Circle Dies I die cut cut the mirrored card.

I love how you can see the purple and gold marbling on the die cuts. 

 Next, to make the sea, I used the Airbrush to colour a piece of card.
I used the chisel nib of the Copic Markers and sprayed the colours in the order B24, B29 and RV19.  Copic Airbrushing is very straightforward if you remember to spray slowly and steadily.  (....and remember to cover your work surface with paper - this is especially important because the ink goes a long way)!

Finally, I sprayed the card with B29 using the brush nib of the Copic Marker.  When you use the brush nib in an airbrush the effect is like a fine ink splatter.

Next, to create a watery effect in the sea I first tipped some Colourless Blender into a pot.

Then, I completely dipped my fingers into the colourless blender,

...and flicked the blender onto the card, I did this a few times until the blue sea was covered in lots of different sized droplets.

I thought these two techniques were really good fun! 
It would be great if you could try this and show your cards to us at 
Copic Marker Europe on Facebook.
To find us just follow the link

I finished my card by colouring a mermaid from the gorgeous MFT set - Mermazing, and adding a sentiment from the MFT set - You're A-maze-ing.

Copic Markers Used
Skin - E04, E01, YR000, YR0000
Hair, YR24, YR23, E99
Mermaid Tail - BV08, V17, V15, 
Gold Star - Y19, Y15, Y11
Clown Fish - YR09, YR04, YR02

Thank you for popping by.
happy Copic Colouring...
from Sue

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Under the Sea

Hi all! It's Sandie here today I am sharing a card I made featuring an under the sea background and Mermaid. I also added a treasure chest and some bubbles. All of the stamps are from Stamping Bella. 

I started first by first doing the background because I wanted to be happy with that before colouring the Mermaid. 

I use a flicking motion from where the sea bed meets the water and brush upwards

Then I take a lighter colour and go over it all, but this time right to the top of the paper. I want to make it look like there is light beams in the water. 

I lay some BO5 at the bottom and I keep going over the image, using BO2, BO5 and BO5 until I am happy with the background. 

Next I start on the sea bed. I use E40s because they remind me of sand. First with the darkest colur again, E43

I blend out the E43 with E42

I finish with E41. Again, continue to apply your colours until you are happy. 
I went back in with E43 to the darkest parts. 

For the seaweed I used YG03, YG17 and YG25. And that finished the background 

I started on my Mermaid by colouring the skin. I typically stick to the combo I like
E000, E00, E11 and R20. Sometimes I add E04 if I want very dark shadows, but you have to be careful not to add too much. 

For the hair I used E50, E51, E53 and E33

On the treasure chest - 
Wood - E33, E35, E37
Metal - N1, N3

I coloured the treasure with Y17, Y13 and C1

The shell, I think this is called a Conch? 
R00, R01, R12

The mermaid's tail, I used two colours. BGs and Vs
BG11, BG13, BG18. V000, V12

Also on the tail, I used Lilac spica pen. There is also a darker purple available, Lavendar, if you would prefer to go darker. It adds a lovely sparkle to the tail. 

Finally, on the flower I used Y17, Y13, in the centre, and some BO2 for the petals

Once the image was completed I applied some white gel pen on the tail. 

To make the bubbles pop out more, I covered them with glossy accents. 

I hope you enjoyed today's post. Thanks so much for dropping by.